Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the membership work?

You will have the option to choose a one or 10 day pass. Alternatively you may sign up month to month with no contract, or sign up on a three months basis to pay a lesser fee, or a six month contract, still paying monthly. 

2. Does my membership renew automatically?

No, your contract is active for the terms you signed up for when initiating your membership plan. 

3. How do I cancel? What if i want to partway through the month, do I get a refund?

Email us at [email protected] and we will cancel the membership based on your contract. Prorated refunds will not be offered. You must give 14 days notice and a $100 cancellation fee will be charged. 

4. Can I send mail to this location?

Unfortunately, due to logistics and liability concerns, we are unable to receive outside mail to our location.

5. What if I want to bring food or drink alcohol?

We have a strict no outside-food policy due to FoodSafe concerns. We will have complimentary snacks available throughout the day, along with unlimited coffee and tea (espresso, lattes, Americano, etc).

6. Do I get a discount if I pay up front for long-term contracts?

For Silver and Gold plans: if your membership is paid in full up front, you will receive one additional PMR hour and five additional guest hours per month. 

For Part Time and Team plans: if you commit to a 3 month membership, you will receive 10% off your monthly charge; if you commit to a 6 month membership, you will receive 15% off your monthly memberships.

Otherwise, there will be no discount given.

Inquire with us if you are considering paying up front or committing to a longer plan, and someone would be happy to assist you through the invoicing process.

7. Can I pause my membership?

Yes, for a maximum of two months.

8. Do I get a referral discount?

The perk we offer for referring another client is 1 free rentable hours of the PMR, or 8 additional guest hours, to be used anytime during your membership at CoWorkanagan.

9. How many copies/prints do I get? Is there a fax machine?

Membership plans describe the allotted B&W prints to each level. This isn’t included in the three day pass, prints will be $.05 per page for B&W and $.10 for Colour. We will assist you through the electronic fax process.

10. What are the events?

There are monthly business networking events, designed around business and self growth. These events will be held once per month, and are offered with a limited number of tickets. These events will also be open to the public, at a higher admission fee.

11. How many parking spots are there?

There are 23 underground parking stalls for member use. Additionally, there are options to park on Cook Rd. as it is available (2hr limit).

12. Where is the entry?

On Cook Rd. off of Lakeshore Rd. with a signacade outside and sign on the entrance door.

13. What are the opening hours?

Hours of operation are as follows:

14. Where is it located?

Our 3799 Lakeshore Rd. Kelowna, BC V1W 3K5

For Google Maps use - 

15. How do I sign in?

You can choose to have a physical or digital access card, and you sign in by scanning your card at the iPad.

16. Do I have to buy something to work in one of the work spaces?

Your membership is all you need to use our space, for as long as you want during our open hours. There will be unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks, offered throughout the day.

17. Can I rent a specific table?

We will have tables in the restaurant available for rental, if they aren’t rented for the month, they will remain available for anyone's use. ($30 weekly, $100 monthly)

18. Can I host an event in the space?

We will have the space available for events on Sunday from 8am-3pm, with cleanup to be completed by 4pm. Contact us to talk about booking our space through email or phone.

19. Can I take phone calls while at a CoWorkanagan space?

We will have dedicated phone booths, if none are available during your phone call, please keep your voice at a reasonable level to not disrupt other guests.

20. What happens if I am being too loud, or otherwise unproductive to the environment?

If our Manager feels you are disrupting other guests, they will ask you to change your behaviour based on our Member Etiquette Guide.

21. How do I purchase a membership?

Purchase a membership on our website, or in person at our location.

22. Can I change my membership plan?

Once your term is up, you can change your membership however you wish.

23. What will the Community Manager onsite be able to help with?

24. What is the guest policy?

You may have the same guest, or multiple different guests using your guest hours per month. If you run out of guest hours for the month, you may pay $5 per additional guest hour. Your monthly guest hours are not used during PMR use.

25. Am I guaranteed a table or a booth? 

Tables and booths are on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to reserve a table, there are allocated sections that can be reserved at an additional price per week/month to your membership plan. Inquire with one of our team members for our prices.

26. Can I leave my belongings overnight?

Due to liability issues, we ask all members to take their belongings with them after each visit to our coworking space. While we accept no liability for belongings left behind, there will be a lost-and-found service by the membership clerk if you suspect you have left something behind.